Giving Back

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Giving Back

“The Promised Land” –  Orphanage Home

The orphanage is located just southeast of Nairobi, and sits on a 3 ½ -acre parcel of land on the Kenyan Savannah. It now sustains the well-being of 36 beautiful children. They are a very small part of an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Kenya alone who have lost parents due to war, malaria and the AIDS epidemic. Living in deplorable conditions on the streets, life was a daily struggle for these children. Now, however, they live, learn and love in a healthy, stable place they can call home. Named “The Promised Land”, this orphanage is humble in appearance, and like the Promised Land of the Bible, this land is a blessing and gives hope of a better, brighter future for these children. The smiles on their faces attest to that. The orphanage consists of a dormitory housing the children, a director’s quarters, a bathhouse, a kitchen and a multi-use room. It is our vision to grow our family of "The Promised Land" by welcoming more displaced children to nurture and love, and to teach them to claim their inheritance in the promises of God.


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